Monday, March 16, 2009

PDF Creation

Up to now, I've been using an old version of Adobe Acrobat, which had its quirks with Vista, but the basic print-to-pdf functionality always worked reliably if not a bit slowly.

But because of a complete OS re-installation (my laptop was brought in for repair), I'm now exploring alternatives. And there are a number of free alternatives.

I'm currently trying out bullzip, which seems like it'll do the job, but my impression of people's opinions of the options are:

BullZip PDF Printer - Seems to match feature-wise with PrimoPDF. Allows you to print, append to pdfs, add passwords and other neat stuff, but people say it's faster.

PrimoPDF - See BullZip description

doPDF - Simple, no frills. Just print to PDF and go

CutePDF - Like doPDF.

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